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President: Dr Laxmikant Rathi
Vice President :  Dr Arun Marwale
Secretary: Dr Dhananjay Ashturkar
Treasurer: Dr. Pawan Adatia
Editor: Dr. Avinash Desousa
Immediate Past President: Dr. Deepak Rathod
Immediate Past Secretary: Dr Ashish Shrivastava

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Dr Laxmikant Rathi

Presidential Address
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Welcome to IPSWZB
Welcome to the official website of Indian Psychiatric Society – Western Zonal Branch (IPS-WZB). It is a digital age and what other best way to connect than a website. Indian Psychiatric Society has total of five zones under its wing. Western zonal branch of Indian Psychiatric Society has been in existence for over three decades now. From its first conference in a small town of Maroli, Gujarat we will be hosting our 46th Annual conference in the 2015. We have also hosted 24 successful CME programs as a part of zonal activity. Our latest PG CME program which completed 3rd year is a well sought after program nationally. At national level Indian Psychiatric Society Western Zonal Branch has been receiving lots of accolades and recognition. For the year 2012 & 2013 IPS-WZB was awarded the “Best Zone Award” and we were runners –up for the same award in 2014. IPS-WZB is made up of mental health professionals from the states of Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra. We have total of three state branches with is further divided into thirteen more branches, each a diamond in the crown of IPS-WZB. “TEAMWORK” is our mantra of success.

Among lot of wonderful activities done under the banner of IPS-WZB one of it is this website. IPS-WZB is extremely proud of its prized possession. It gives the ring-side view of what IPS-WZB is all about. From all the history to all latest updates it is a plethora of information. Its interactive sections allows its members to login to member’s area where few more facilities are provides to them. We are constantly evolving and trying to use this platform to reach as many members and lay people form our zone as possible with a dream of making mental health a top priority on the minds of all.

Conferences and CMEs

NewCommunication 51st Annual Conference IPSWZB 2020

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Latest New & Updates
Communication about Annual Conference of IPSWZB 2020 has been sent to members via mail. Members are requested to kindly go through all the details about rules for orations, award papers, free papers and posters given in the communication.
Posters about Mental Health Awareness during COVID 19 Pandemic are uploaded in 'Photos' section of the website. Please visit the section to see the same.
Dear member, kindly send your updated information including name, place, IPS membership number, working Email ID and Mobile number on asap for IPSWZB memebrship database.
Welcome to our new site ...... Keep visiting........

Journals and Messages

New51st AGBM Notice

NewE-Broucher ACIPSWZB 2020

51st Annual conference of IPSWZB 2020

Election Notice 2020

Communication to the Zone

Final Announcement with Scientific Program - ACIPSWZB 2019

Election Notice - 2019

Communication to the Zone-2

Communication to the Zone 2019

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