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Dr. Anil. V. Shah Best Paper Award
1. This award has been instituted out of an endowment received from Dr. Anil .V. Shah, a past president of the IPS. The rules are similar to the Marfatia Award.

2. The award is conferred to the best paper presented at the each annual conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society Western Zonal Branch.

3. It shall be necessary for the author to submit 6 copies each of the abstract and the full paper to the Chairperson of Awards committee before the deadline. The paper must be substantially the same one which will be read in the conference, if selected. No thesis etc. be submitted and the paper must conform to I. J. P. style.

4. 50% of the authors including, the principal author must be members of the I.P.S Western Zonal Branch. In case of student authors, minimum an application for membership of I.P.S must have been made and fees paid.

5. A panel of judges will assess each paper for 60 marks. The top 3 papers according to combined scoring of the judges will be selected to be presented at the annual conference.

6. At the conference, judges will assess each presentation for 40 marks. The paper securing the highest total marks shall win the award. In case of a tie, the concerned papers will be declared joint winners.

7. It is mandatory for the winner of this award to present the same paper at the BPS Silver Jubilee Award Session at the following ANCIPS. Should the presentation not be done, the award will not be conferred to the winner.
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