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Dr. L. P. Shah Oration Award
1. This award has been instituted out of an endowment received from Dr. L. P. Shah, a past president of the IPS. The rules are similar to D. L .N. Murthy Rao Oration award.

2. The purpose of the award is recognition of outstanding contribution of a member to development of psychiatry in India , as also teaching ,training & research and contribution to the Indian Psychiatric Society. This oration will be delivered at each annual conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society Western Zonal Branch.

3. The award will be declared one year in advance and any Life Fellow can propose the name of any other Life fellow of the society.

4. The proposal including 6 copies of the bio-data of the nominee must be submitted to the Chairperson of Awards committee.

5. A panel of judges shall rate the nominations. To win , a minimum of 50% marks must be obtained. If there are no nominations, the Chairperson of Awards committee, in conjunction with Executive Committee, can nominate a person worthy of this oration with his consent.

6. The winner will be awarded a suitable scroll. The expenses for the travel(Air or rail) from the place of residence will be re-imbursed. His local hospitality will be managed by the organizers of the annual conference.
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